Friday, December 15, 2006

Recap speech Intra Free conference Istanbul

Here is the final recap speech by Antonino Saggio at the Intra free conference, chaired dr. Serkan Anilir, University of Tokyo and Kale Group. Outsatnding speakers at the conference among which John Allen, engienner, James Hogan SF writer, Roberto Vittori astronaut. Listen Saggio Speech.
Listen the speech

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ottomomonga said...

Serkan Anilir has falsified his career.

Serkan Anilir may be lying about much of his career trajectory.

> Serkan Anilir is NOT an astronaut candidate.
> Serkan Anilir has NOT published any papers in physics
and did NOT win any scientific prizes.
> Serkan Anilir is NOT a Head of Space Physics Department, JAXA, nor associate proffesor of the University of Tokyo.
> Serkan Anilir was NOT a Instructor at mathematics department of Princeton University.
> Patents that Serkan Anilir has announced as his accomplishment does NOT exist.
> Most of his work accomplishment such as papers and conference presentation are plagiarism or forgery.