Monday, March 26, 2007

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Zenetos european architect. Saggio discourse Athens March 22 2007

In the 50th anniversary of the Rome signature for the EC, back in 1957, in Agios Dimitrios school has been celebrated the greek translation of the italian book " Takis Zenetos, Visioni digitali architettura costruite" (IT revolution in architecture) D. Papalexopoulos & E. Kalafati authors, Edilstampa Publisher, Rome, Italy 2006, A. Saggio editor in chief and writer of the preface. The preface "Zenetos revealed" is not published in the Greek edition and with the preface disappeared the credits to the greek student Tzova Poulcheria that bringing to Saggio the work of Zenetos ignited the process.
So Poulcheria, now young architect in Athens, is indeed a positive hope for cross fertilization of culture and generosity in Europe! Concerning the role of diffusion of the figure of Zenetos in Greece, I notice that the book of Papalexopoulos and Kalafati, originated in Italian book series, is the first book in Greece after the Monographic issue of 1978 of Orestis Doumanis. I do not think it was a correct act the omission of the Italian preface from the current Greek edition. Watch Saggio discourse