Monday, May 25, 2020

19º Class: A New Thinking. The "What If?" Arrives An Open-video-course by Antonino Saggio

A  Paradigm Shift: The IT Revolution in Architecture

19º Class:  "A New Thinking. The 'What If?' Arrives"

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Thursday, May 25, 2020

6:00 pm Rome
12:00 noon New York
9:00 am San Francisco

Once Again The Grid


More Values

A Great Jump!

Not only Values but also RESULTS 

The RESULTS  Are Characterized by .. FUNCTIONS

Results can Branch and the results become Values!

If a value changes alt the connected results change.

Here the two new arrivals in our world

 A. "What If?" as a way of thinking

B. The "model" as a intrisically dynamic interpretation of the world


Create a simple What if spreadsheet interpreting some actual conditions at CoronoVirus Time
Immagine the values, the relationship and test the mutations of certain values and conditions to understands what may Happen.
Learn if you want other functions of a spreadsheet /here we are talking of 5% of potentials)

An Open-video-course by Antonino Saggio

professor Antonino Saggio
«Sapienza» University of Rome
School of Architecture - Dept. of Architecture and Design.

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