Monday, May 04, 2020

13º Class: "With Layers, a Difference Arrives"

A  Paradigm Shift: The IT Revolution in Architecture

13º Class  "With layers a difference arrives"

Layer is a functional, as well as a semantic, organization of information. Traditionally is applied in Geometrical drawing but it is a form of organization that covers many disciplines, from Painting to Psychology.

Rome the city of layers
San Clemente, Rome 

View from a plane in the proximity of Rotterdam airport

Walter De Maria,  The lighting field 1973 ca (cit.)


"Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the King's horses and all the Kings's man couldn't put Humpty Dumpty (in his place) together again"  Lewis Carrol

Daniel Libeskind, Drawing 1978 ca

Julie Mehretu, Painting, 2015 ca

"More than a drawing on a canvas, the world is an overlap of canvases, of layers, of which the gravitational field is only one among the others"

 "Più che un disegno su una tela, il mondo è una sovrapposizione di tele, di strati, di cui il campo gravitazionale è solo uno tra gli altri" 

Carlo Rovelli, L'ordine del tempo, Adelphi, Milano 2017 p. 69  

An Open-video-course by Antonino Saggio

professor Antonino Saggio
«Sapienza» University of Rome
School of Architecture - Dept. of Architecture and Design.

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