Monday, November 14, 2011

Interactive photography: Mideast.midwest.middle class By Jake Marsico

While in Pittsburgh I stayed many hours with my friend Dennis Marsico, great photographer and continuous researcher of Arts and Technology. We did tougher the book "Giuseppe Terragni Life and Works" for Laterza. In Pittiburgh I had also the good fortune to meet Jake Marsico. The new Marsico continues the tradition of great and intense photographs of the father, but also creates interactive environments. If you look the short video you will realize.. . Not only great & intense Pictures to look at in a traditional way, but the installation creates a series of interactive actions. Scope is to accompany the viewer to focus, to participate and to illuminate with his/her own sight the pictures. The great of this work is that the electronic active environment do not detract from the normal view of the art. It is just ADD to it. All the Information from the link below.
See photos and Link Interactive video.

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