Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Makoto Sei Watanabe.. da Tokyo

  • Dear Nino,
I'd like to inform you that my new work

(: new part of subway station IIDABASHI )
has just been completed. It is designed using new computer program as a series project of

Original WEB FRAME (=WF) is the world first architecture generated by a computer program
that solve the required conditions for architecture.
WF-II is a replacement of one of the 2 original WF, based on the request to install a new escalator
by the client= Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
WF is made of the straight webs, but WE-II is made of the curved members.

  • The program used WFII is different from that of WF.

But ..... as you know, a huge earthquake and tumami attacked north part of Japan, so this symposium is postponed. Tokyo is safe, but I've never been experienced such a big and long shake.
From today the electricity supply in Tokyo is partial (:depending on the time and zone) cut because of the current crisis in the nuclear reactors.
Cutting electricity supply in Tokyo is the first time after the WWII. It causes very serious confusion in transportation/logistics and daily work/life.


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