Monday, April 20, 2020

9º Class "Inside bits: The Raster World"

A  Paradigm Shift: The IT Revolution in Architecture

9º Class  "Inside bits: The Raster World"

Monday April 22, 2020

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Monday April 22, 2020

6:00 pm Rome
12:00 noon New York
9:00 am San Francisco

The Class was introduced to "Leonardo", i.e. the conceptual artifice that will follow all the other cycles of our course. We wonder .. How would Leonardo solve a specific problem without electricity, hardware software? This way to pose the question serves to underline the conceptual basis for each IT environment. We start with the world of raster, the invention of the grid an the quickdraw graphic screen revolution. The lesson illustrates the difference between Depth Resolution. It asks the production of a  "Self-portrait at the time of the Coronavirus" produced with  a raster program.  By next Monday.

"quick Draw Routine"  "QuickDraw was a raster graphics system, which defines the pixel as its basic unit of graphical information. This is in contrast to vector graphics systems, where graphics primitives are defined in mathematical terms and rasterized as required to the display resolution. A raster system requires much less processing power however, and was the prevailing paradigm at the time that QuickDraw was developed." Frow wikipedia page.

How cay add color simple


Definition How  dense is the grid
72 dpi (screen or web definition)
150 (medium print definition)
300 or (Typographical definition)

1 bpp (21 = 2 colors)
grafica monocromatica, spesso in bianco e nero
2 bpp (22 = 4 colors)
grafica CGA
4 bpp (24 = 16 colors)
grafica EGA o VGA standard a bassa risoluzione
8 bpp (28 = 256 colors)
grafica VGA ad alta risoluzione, Super VGA

16 bpp  65.536 colors

24 bpp 16.777.216 colors

32 bpp 

An Open-video-course by Antonino Saggio

professor Antonino Saggio
«Sapienza» University of Rome
School of Architecture - Dept. of Architecture and Design.

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