Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zvi Hecker Sketches

In these days Piranesi is becoming increasingly important to me. I do understand how certain intuition and facts on the "etruscan imprinting"of Rome are root in the etchings of Piranesi. Simultaneously it is just arrived a rather beautiful book.

It is a collection of the impressive drawings by Zvi Hecker,  the architect of so many important building since the Sixties and the autho of several masterpieces. In this book the reader can ejoy the first sketches of works such as the SPIRAL HOUSE or The School in Berlin or the Cultural center in Duisburg. There is a large number of different media and type of drawing  in this book (schetches, ink drawing, pencil drawing, hard line ecctera) but in all of them the reader will recognize the same eye, the same soul, the same vision. As in Piranesi.

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