Tuesday, March 08, 2011

«A Secret van Gogh. His Motif and Motives» Published to day March 8, 2011

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«A Secret van Gogh. His Motif and Motives» last book published by Saggio investigates a complex layer of mysteries and clues concealed in van Gogh's paintings and biography. New points of view on the painter's life are introduced and a foundation is laid for the interpretation of the iconography within his work. The book deduces from the painter's biography: a previously unexplored interpretation of the final argument with Gauguin; the critical role played by Rachel, the young Arles girl, in the final years of the painter's life; Theo's role in quelling the scandal of the December 23rd ear amputation and Gauguin's ensuing arrest; The author underscores his thesis though a series of details in van Gogh's works, the painter's own letters, and by re-visiting well known events in his life. This juxtaposing of biographical facts with the psychological origins of the works posits an exciting new thesis in A Secret of Van Gogh: His Motif and Motives that will be of great interest to a wide audience of readers.

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the book is a powerful treatise, almost forensic research, synthesising numerous facts, showing exceptional knowledge about the matter - I enjoyed it very much! Only the fact that you have found the blade could be spectacular, but there is a portrait of Rachel as well, explanation of Vincent's subject matter by revealing his method of giving life to objects, etc, etc...

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