Friday, December 04, 2009

La maratonda di Internet e Caravaggio

Dear Antonio: Rammstein have a new CD album, the title "Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da " : the artwork is very interesting, it seems I'm not the only one that feels the Caravaggio connection. The artist that photographed them for the CD was, similarly inspired. I thought you might like to see his work, his name is Eugenio Recuenco : and is well known.

Dear aa5924: I just felt intuitevely the connection Rammstein Caravggio in my video. It was just an intuition. The above letter proves that the rock group Rammstein itself through the photographer Recuenco, felt that connection. The letter shows the incredible potentials of the web as a connected knowledege. First step: creation of a video on Caravaggio (related to a book, by the way :). Second step: inclusion (among the possible millions) of a sound track of a music of Rammstein to underline the video. Third step: publication on the youtube. Many person: aksed what is the music ?. aa5924 tells is "Rammstein's, Till Lindemann singing Ohne Dich." Fourth step: aa5924 in a private message tells that indeed the connection Rammstein Caravaggio is also a real one! (thorugh the photographer Recuenco who is inspired to Caravaggio and realized the cover of last Rammstein cd. Fifth step: wait a second. antoninoSaggio

Watch the video it has 11,000 views

By the way, since this video overcome the 10000 views a thing a little extra explanation is needed. The first selection are all self portrait of Caravaggio (including the first one Ragazzo con Canestro di Frutta). The second one is a selection of models, and at east in some cases also of loves, of Caravaggio. It is then once again a form of mirroring, right? In any case this is avery secondary lines of thoughts of the period of my strong Caravaggio syndrome whose most evident results are the writings (some in a book : some available on the internet : :)

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