Saturday, November 22, 2008

John Allen Book Launch 3 December at October Gallery

John Allen belongs to the great and noble tradition of Transcendentalism, the tradition of Ralph Waldo Emerson, of R. Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright. His whole existence, his studies, work, and interests are moved by a few fundamental principles. In John Allen, these principles share an organic, total ecologic structure that intimately combines land, nature, air and art with philosophy, theater and spiritual aspirations. The particularity of his work and life is that this combination has brought amazing results on the highest levels of achievement in science and engineering such as Biosphere 2. He has also realized small but extremely vital projects such the October Gallery in London, the Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe and the vessel Heraclitus that has been cruising the world since 1975. John Allen's stature is that of a Nobel prizewinner.  For the reader of this book, there unfolds an unforgettable, stimulating and fascinating account of freedom and the possibility of human creation when it is nourished by profound reason.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the exceptional in John Allen is to have found that extraordinary and rare point of contact between the World of Emotions and the World of Rational where desires are the engine of thought and the reason is the ability to make them possible and making concrete that huge leap between an idea and its realization.
Rosetta Angelini